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Getting to Know You: Part One

Greetings! Salutations! Welcome!

I am officially rebooting my blog on a new site with (hopefully) regular postings and interesting musings from me.

Who is “me”?

Well, for the basic details, you can check out the “About” section at the top of the page. The quick answer? I am Taylor M. Lunsford. I am an aspiring writer who just graduated (literally just. Like 24 hours ago as of this post) from Southwestern University with my B.A. in English and a Feminist Studies minor. I live in Texas with my wonderful parents and somewhat ok little brother 😉

So what am I doing with my life now that I’m in the “real world” (psst I was always technically in the real world, but that’s a different post)?

Well, while searching for a “real job” (you know that kind that consistently pays), I’m working on my third (yes, third) novel. In between writing, I will also be helping out with Naked Reader Press, an independent e-press, doing some social media promotions for them. On top of that, I’ve also agreed to help over at Pitch University, coordinating PitchFests for agents and editors on the site. I’m also a moderator on their brand new Forums ( Somewhere amidst all of this, I’m also going to try and find an agent. Anyone want to add extra hours to the day? Please? No takers? *sigh* Ok.

Have I written anything that’s published?

Funny you should ask. Yes, in fact, I have. A rather out of character short story of mine is in the anthology “A Rush of Wings” put out by NRP in late December. I’ll probably have another short story out with NRP in the fall, but I’ll let you know more about that later.

Tomorrow, I shall fill you in on important and little known facts about myself to get the ball rolling on this whole regular blogging thing. If there’s anything you want to know, leave a comment with this post 🙂

PS Bear with me as I figure out how to work this site. I’m still new to wordpress so things might be a bit rough at first 🙂


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