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Getting to Know You: Part Two

Now for the random and not so random info to let you know who I am.

Standard questions:

Favorite Book: uuuhhhhh….probably my least favorite question 😉 It changes regularly since I love and adore books. HOWEVER if pressed to name a favorite, I’ll usually say Persuasion by Jane Austen, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, or The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Favorite Author: three-way tie between Jane Austen, Nora Roberts, and Meg Cabot

Favorite Movie: Again, a difficult thing to answer as it changes. Right now? Probably Letters to Juliet. Easily one of the best chick flicks I’ve seen. Or The King’s Speech.

Favorite TV Show: Bones and Doctor Who are easily my favorite right now. Smart writing and quirky characters win me over every time.

Favorite Genre: Lol, you could probably tell from my “About” page, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE romance. Any kind of romance. Suspense, paranormal, erotic, historical, contemporary, I love them all.

Questions from my Tweeps (if you aren’t following me on Twitter, you should 🙂

from the lovely and talented @tiffanyreisz-

What did you want to be (as a kid) when you grew up? Well, my earliest memory is of wanting to either be a figure skater (like Nancy Kerrigan) or a trapeze artist. Then I became a little more practical for a while and wanted to be a lawyer. Then I got less practical (about age 12-13) and wanted to be a writer. Somewhere in there diplomat was also tossed about. Now? hahaha, who knows?

What is your favorite imaginary animal? hmmm…well, for a while I had imaginary horses that I thought went everywhere with me (I was a little horse crazy as a kid). Now? I don’t know. Unicorn? Brownie?

from @anglalln (she’s my aunt 🙂

Best Day Ever? Silly aunt should know the answer to this, but for the rest of you – the day I got to visit Jane Austen’s house Chawton Cottage in England. Awesome day. I TOUCHED her desk! You can read about it on my previous blog

4 Unusual/Unexpected things about me:

1. If you spend any amount of time with me, you’ll learn that I’m a HUGE fan of Disney. But unlike most people, I don’t just like the standard Princess movies. I’ve also seen (multiple times) a lot of their live action stuff from the 50s and 60s (Three Lives of Thomasina, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, Swiss Family Robinson etc). Seriously adorable movies. And their TV shows from that time too. I would stay up late as a kid to watch “Vault Disney” every Friday night at Grandma’s house. I also know a lot of trivia about Disney in general.

2. I love stuff about the Old West. My grandpa was a former cowboy (no, really, he was) and he made sure to indoctrinate me into a love of John Wayne, Lonesome Dove, and anything about the west. I added to the craziness by loving the “Little House on the Prairie” books and tv show. I know a ton of facts about that time period too, especially about Texas history (I got a 107 in Texas history in 7th grade because I was so in love with the subject I did extra credit).

3. (This is more of you should know than entirely unexpected) I have an ongoing love affair with musicals. My aunt or somebody got me the silver anniversary edition of The Sound of Music and I’ve been addicted ever since. Name any movie musical, and I’ve probably seen it.

4. I’m obsessed with British history, particularly pertaining to the Royal family, past and present. I’ve been able to name all of the kings and queens of England back to the Norman Invasion since I was 12 (test me, I dare you).


2 thoughts on “Getting to Know You: Part Two

  1. Yes, I believe I got you Sound of Music. And I think we watched it about 20 times the week we stayed with Great Grandmother. You were about 4.

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