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Helpful Resources for Aspiring Writers

I know. I’m absolutely terrible about blogging regularly. The novel sort of took over and everything else went to the wayside. But I’m back now and will try for once a week blogging. Maybe twice. We’ll see.

Today I bring you my resources for aspiring writing.

The first is Pitch University. Pitch U is a fantastic website started up by the brilliant Diane Holmes to help writers learn how to pitch their books to agents. Diane helps with several different mediums: query letters, short pitches, long pitches. They even host these great things called PitchFests where agents and editors come on the site and help critique either video pitches or query letters, as well as offering advice. They are completely free and super helpful. There’s one coming up next week with SEVEN agents, looking at romance and YA pitches (submission period open now, check the site for details)

Romance University is a great site for romance writers. They have new articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with different sorts of writing advice, career advice, and the occasional workshop.

Savvy Authors is another good place to find articles with helpful craft and career advice. They also offer some surprisingly helpful workshops, although, unlike the other two sites, most of these cost at least $20, usually more.

Erotic romance writer Roni Loren has a great blog, Fiction Groupie, that offers some helpful advice on writing and on being a writer.

Agent Rachelle Gardner writes a wonderful blog about the publishing industry in general, which provides insights into the process for those of us still on the outside looking in.

Also, if you’re not on Twitter, following and interacting with other authors, you should be. Seriously, some of the best advice/insight/help I’ve found came from my Tweeps.

What sites do you go to for help and advice when it comes to writing?



2 thoughts on “Helpful Resources for Aspiring Writers

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Taylor! Pitch U is a labor of love, that’s for sure. 🙂

    We’ll be having more PitchFests in the future. Hope to see you and all your peeps out there.

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