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The Magic of Three Piece Suits

I’m sitting here watching the TV show White Collar. As per usual, this has made me reflect on how sexy a suit can be. It is entirely possible that it is just the gorgeousness of Matt Bomer that causes these idle musings, but let’s delve a little deeper, shall we?

There’s something so put together and…powerful about a man in a suit, especially a three piece suit. The addition of the vest shows just that little extra bit, that little extra thought he put into his appearance. Cal, the hero of my latest WIP, always wears three piece suits to work (I blame Neal Caffery for this).

Could be an American thing, the valuing of a successful men. I don’t know. I personally think it stems (for me at least) from the echoes of Mr. Darcy and the mysterious appeal of the Regency rake. Could go back to the suave charm of Cary Grant. Whatever it is, viva la three piece suit!


One thought on “The Magic of Three Piece Suits

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your posting while browsing through Google. I think it’s very interesting and it was an enjoyable read, if a bit short. I like the photos you’ve used to illustrate this posting with.

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