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Writing Quirks

As I madly try to get revisions accomplished, I’m more aware that usual of how persnickety I am about how my body is when I write. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean that I can’t have anything on my fingers or wrists. For this reason, I never wear a watch and only wear one ring (a celtic knot that I got in Edinburgh after a mad dash through the city), which usually ends up on the only necklace I wear (a James Avery cross identical to one owned by my mom and the other members of the Mommy Mafia on a chain given to me by one of the mommies for my confirmation). If I don’t have these things on, it feels weird and if I have more than these two pieces on I get super distracted.

My hair is the thing I’m most particular about when writing. Confession: I’m a fiddler and a hair twister. It’s genetic. Whenever I read or write or concentrate on anything, I inevitably end up twisting a piece of hair around one finger. My aunt does it, my cousin does it, my second cousins do it. Another trait we all share: I have to be able to curl a leg under me when I sit down to work. Doesn’t matter where I am. If I can’t bend my legs under me, it feels awkward and I can’t give 100% of my attention to what I’m doing.

Noise is my last requirement. Depending on where I am in a novel, I need either TV (when things are going well) or music (when the novel and I are fighting) to work. I blame my public school education and the need to adapt to working in noisy, busy environments. I just work better with multiple things going on. Drives my mother crazy, but what can you do?

What are your writing/working quirks? Are you as neurotic as I am or can you write through just about anything?


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