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Future Husband of the Week

A lot of the romance authors I know who blog have a “boyfriend of the week” feature. They post many drool-worthy pictures of gorgeous men and I love it. But I want to put a little twist on it. Most of these authors are happily married. Since I am not, I’m going to post a “future husband of the week.” The requirements for a future husband are different than those for a boyfriend. As all romance readers know, the hero can’t just be attractive. He has to have other qualities, such as charm, intelligence, a good sense of humor, compassion. The list goes on and on. So each week I will post a guy (real or fictional) who qualifies as a “future husband” aka a romance novel hero.

To start this off, I’m going to go with a man who has had a little bit of my heart since my best friend gave me his CD when I was 16-


Vital Statistics –

Full name: Joshua Winslow Groban

Age: 30

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Genius

For those of you who don’t know, Josh Groban is a wonderful singer with a voice that absolutely makes me melt. Seriously, if I’m stressed or on a rampage, one of his songs has to come on for like 5 seconds and I instantly mellow. But he’s more than just a pretty face (and even prettier voice). Josh also write beautiful music with hauntingly romantic lyrics. Seriously, go look up the words for “So She Dances.” Absolutely gorgeous.

If you haven’t bought his latest album “Illuminations,” you have to. And if you are one of the lucky ducks who could afford to go to his concert, I am forever jealous of you 😛

Besides being a genius with music, Josh is also really funny. I love his sense of humor. His video blogs are always very charming and self-deprecating. My favorite thing Josh has done has to be his TV theme medley . HILARIOUS

He’s also a huge promoter of the arts in schools. If you read some of my previous posts, I think kids need all the encouragement they can get to foster creativity and imagination. In a world of A, B, C, or D, music and art and writing allow kids to think beyond the little scantron bubble and learn to solve real world problems. Josh’s foundation works with the kids that wouldn’t normally be encouraged to pursue the arts and helps them get that extra edge that creativity brings. (Read more about Find Your Light foundation here

And the cherry on top: he loves his dog. If you follow Josh on Twitter or Facebook, you know that he tries to take his dog Sweeney with him wherever he goes (can we get a collective “Awww”).


4 thoughts on “Future Husband of the Week

  1. Right on sister! and I’m old enough to be his Mother (but “young” mother!) — Great article and I agree with every word 🙂

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